Debi Grupe & Francis Picabia

See what I mean? Picabia book review.

Read this book cover description on Francis Picabia and you'll see what I mean about how to describe the elusive F.P. "As irascible as Tzara and as elusive as Duchamp, Francis Picabia (1879–1953) was both the prototypical Dadaist and the most mercurial artist of his generation. This volume, published for the first Austrian retrospective on Picabia, traces the artist through his many phases: from restless apprentice painter oscillating between Fauvism and Cubism to mischievous Dadaist, editor of 391 magazine and best friend to Duchamp; from antagonist of André Breton to ally of Gertude Stein; from advocate of a new machine aesthetics to...

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A New Love: Francis Picabia

There is some debate about the personality of Francis Picabia. Where did he fit in? How do you pin down someone who moves through many life and art phases seemingly seamlessly? It would not even be a surprise to me to discover he is not highlighted in today's art history classes. This is a blog about my new found love: Francis. Let's explore together. Here is an image which perhaps speaks to that paradox. Clear but not clear.  Photo: © Caroline Minjolle at Kunsthaus Zürich Exhibition.

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